Bolding Mill Park is pretty much a pretty boat ramp operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Bolding Mill Park

When putting your boat in the water at Bolding Mill, remember that famous saying of ancient whalers: “When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.”

Bolding Mill’s handy dock will help you load and unload passengers and make everybody happy.  It will come in handy unloading any 700-pound marlins you might catch on Lanier.

Fisherpeople will be happy to know that you can launch your boat at Bolding Mill Park and have access to every fish in Lake Lanier!  All you have to do is catch them.  Simple, huh?

The boat ramp at Bolding Mill Park is a day-use park — not to be confused with Bolding Mill Campground — located in Gainesville, GA, at 4044 Chestatee Road.

Bolding Mill is open year-round, as long as the water level is sufficient.  Boaters may launch or land boats at any time, although the park closes earlier for other activities.  Plenty of parking is available for cars, trucks and trailers.

You will find this place of respite at 4055 Chestatee Road in Gainesville, GA, 30506.

US Army Corps of Engineers

Lake Lanier is well known as a productive fishing lake.  Many species thrive in the 39,000 surface acres of water (at full level).  There is little natural cover in the top third of the lake, due to tree clearing during construction.  Some trees were left standing in the lower portions, as well as brush piles, drop-offs, submerged humps, and rock outcroppings in shallower areas.

Lake Lanier Parks Information

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