Bald Ridge Creek

Bald Ridge Creek Campgrounds ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Bald Ridge Creek Campground ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Bald Ridge Creek campground is a US Army Corps of Engineers managed campground located in Cumming, GA, on the shores of Lake Lanier.

This delightful spot offers many outdoor recreation opportunities including fishing, swimming, wake boarding, kayaking and much more.

There’s a playground at the campground and a beach for campers and day-use visitors.

The 82 campsites come with electric and water hookups.  Some sites are accessible to everyone.  Additional conveniences in the well-maintained park include a dump station, laundry facilities, hot showers and a boat ramp.

Virtually all campsites are on the waterfront, with a picnic table, fire ring, grill and lantern pole.

Pets must be kept on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length.  Pets are not allowed in restrooms, gatehouse, playgrounds, shelters or designated swim areas.  Park gates are locked from 10:30 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.  For emergencies please contact the park attendant at his trailer located next to the entry station.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Bald Ridge Creek is at 4100 Bald Ridge Road, Cumming, GA, 30041.

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  • shocked

    On 9-26 my family and I wanted to visit some friends in the campground to see if we wanted to stay there in the upcoming months. On pulling up to the gate, after a polite greeting, we were immediately verbally assaulted by a senior citizen in the office and we were aggressively told to “back up and give her our license plate”. My wife asked, if she meant to remove our plate or give her the number..? The lady got more intense and said ‘NO-to park and give her the number’.

    Confused by her out of the blue irate demeanor, we still complied. I went in the office with a picture of my license plate, and she told me, “I couldn’t enter to visit my friends, because there were too many cars in the park already”. I explained we weren’t camping, just visiting for a few hours, invited by our friends. She continued her abuse and wildly aggressive attitude. So I abruptly left and went back to my car to call our friends inside- and another even more aggressive senior man- came out to my car and started demanding I roll down my window shouting and insulting me and family saying, “he was going to piss in my wheaties”…?? My wife tried to calm him down, until he started insulting her and attacking our parenting skills-(of all things), addressing my quiet 9 year old son in the back seat! We started to call the police then he left to go back to his office.

    Our friends came up to the office and escorted us into the camp ground and we spent some time with them- far away from the most disgruntled wildly aggressive seniors I have EVER met. I will never stay at this camp ground and I have no idea why the ‘inmates are allowed to run the asylum’ here. These two people need to be immediately relocated- FAAR away from the public and severely reprimanded for their libous conduct to me and my family.

    I myself am in a form of customer service and deal with many wealthy and powerful men and women, all over the world. In my line of work, if I were to ever to conduct myself-one fraction the way these two people acted- I would be fired and in jail. They ruined one of the few days I have off, insulted my family- and ruined the reputation of this campground. I will make sure I never stay at this campground and whatever fiscal earnings this campground has had previous-will be sure to come to an end.

  • YeetosaurusRex

    I had a similar experience. The people running the place are way too intense and need to take it a bit easier. People come to the outdoors to relax for goodness sake. Not to be hassled and yelled at.

    Good vibes to everyone, please.