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The Arts Council

Meanwhile, back on land, The Arts Council in Gainesville has booked a bunch of excellent concerts for 2017 — from Evenings of Intimate Jazz to patriotic music on July 4th to good old rock ‘n roll with the band, Back in Time.

The Arts Council’s Summer MusicFest has three performances scheduled for the center lawn at the Smithgall Arts Center in Gainesville at Spring Street, SW, by the old railroad engine.

Their Signature Series presentations bring big band and symphonic favorites to music lovers.

If that’s not the kind of music you prefer, you may rent the facilities and sponsor a Kazoo for You concert.  Or, maybe, Australian Blues on a Didgeridoo?  Your event doesn’t have to be music oriented.  Be the first to hold a Yo-Yo Flip Off in Georgia.  The opportunities are endless.

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This is the Art Council’s Mission Statement.  I think it means they support the arts.

We focus our attention on: providing performing, visual, literary arts and film programs; promoting and providing multi-cultural arts programs and services; advocating the arts at the local, regional, state and national levels; promoting Arts Council Affiliate organizations; serving as a centralized arts information center and distributor; providing an arts calendar, and JobBank for artists; providing outreach services to extend the reach of arts; providing arts education to children; and, serving as owner, operations and restorations manager, and guardian of The Arts Council’s facilities.

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