Gainesville’s Annual Butterfly Release Party ~ Sunday May 17th

Butterfly release photo from
Butterfly release photo from

Here’s an unusual family activity: 1,500 painted ladies will be released at Wilshire Trails Park, near Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA, on Sunday May 17, 2015, at the annual Butterfly Release Party!

This free event takes place from 1 PM until about 4 PM.

Every child will be given one of the 1,500 painted lady butterflies to release in a glorious cloud at 3 PM near the park pavilion.

Families will have plenty to do before the butterfly release.  Who doesn’t love facepainting?

Vanessa cardui painted butterfly ~ Photo from Wikipedia
Vanessa cardui painted butterfly ~ Photo from Wikipedia

There will even be paper sailboat races at Wilshire Trails Park, a dandy spot for a wavy walk through a scenic park.

The parking lot is pretty small, so you’re urged to drive down to Gainesville High School, Woods Mill or Centennial schools and park there.  Free shuttles will drop y’all off at Wilshire Trails and pick y’all up after the butterflies have all fluttered by.

Concessions will be available for sale, along with cool T-shirts to commemorate the occasion.

In case of rain, the butterfly release will take place under the pavilion at 3 PM.

The Painted Lady Butterfly Release is brought to you by the Friends of the Parks of Gainesville, GA.

Click Here for the Annual Butterfly Release in Gainesville, GA


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