Seminar: Dealing With Difficult People

Need help dealing with difficult people?
Need help dealing with difficult people?

The only unfortunate aspect of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s next Small Business Success Seminar — Ten Steps for Dealing with Difficult People — is it won’t be held in a room that can hold 20,000 people.

Jim Kerlin, owner of Sandler Training, is expected to speak at the session on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at the Greater Hall Chamber offices at 230 E.E. Butler Parkway in Gainesville.

The meeting begins at 7:45 AM and will probably end at 9:00 AM, depending on how many unglued attendees beg Mr. Kerlin for personal advice on how to survive ONE MORE MINUTE with coworkers, friends, neighbors and/or family.

You and I have never been difficult to deal with, obviously.  We have, however, been innocently attacked by assorted crazoids who could politely be deemed “difficult.”

Jim’s priceless 10 Step Process for Dealing with Difficult People presentation is free for Chamber members and is a mere $15 for those not clever enough to join GHCC.

Need another endorsement?  When I told The Lovely & Talented Miss Suzannah about this meeting she replied, “Sign! Me! Up!”  Hmmm.

The promotional material about this seminar says, “Come learn how to gain your confidence and assurance to not only know what to say, but how to say it.  Jim uses proven methods to assure improved sales performance, management and customer care.”  There were no references to tips on hand-to-hand combat or other martial arts.

As long as one of the ten points deals with “Why You Should Not Strangle Difficult People,” I’m in.  See you there.

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The Bottom Line

  • Sponsored by Highland Mountain Beverage and Jacobs Media.
  • No Charge for Chamber Members; $15 Non-Members.
  • Contact Person:  Amanda Lewis, Project Manager, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce.  770-532-6206 x 111.  Email:  [email protected]

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