Hiking, Hope and Healing

Our sister website, AppalachianTrail.com, is constantly on the lookout for vital information about the AT.  We add stories all the time.  Best job in the world, frankly.

During that quest — and as the father of two beautiful daughters and the grandfather of “The Princess” — the tale of Aspen Matis profoundly struck me.

Aspen’s tale is not about the Appalachian Trail or Lake Lanier.  It doesn’t fit neatly with other items we have posted at Hikers’ Tales, nor is it associated with Right to Hike, Inc., one of our favorite non-profit groups.

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We wanted to bring it to your attention, nevertheless.  Because we all have hellish days and/or years … but not everyone has hope they’ll end.

So, we offer you these words of despair and hopelessness, violence and disbelief, violation and abandonment, shame and healing from The New York Times and Aspen’s soul.

We hope it will bring you peace on your journey … wherever the hike of your life takes you.   You are not alone and there is always hope.

Can you find a moment to delve into Aspen’s motivation to hike the Pacific Crest Trail?  Might help you believe in restoration and life happily ever after.

Click Here for Aspen Matis’s Story in The New York Times.

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