West Bank Overlook Park is probably Lake Lanier’s most frustrating park, but it is open all year.  If you blink, you will miss the entrance.

Buford Dam ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

As you drive west on Buford Dam Road — across the dam that created Lake Lanier — you will love the views of the Chattahoochee River WAY down below on your left.  You marvel at the beauty of our cherished, glistening reservoir on your right.

Drivers in oncoming traffic will be staring out their windows too — to absorb the amazing vista of Lake Lanier.  In other words, nobody is watching the road.

As you drive west, in the middle of a tight curve on the twisty narrow road, someone in your car will shout:

Hey!  What was it?  Was that the entrance to West Bank Overlook Park!

Yup.  That was West Bank Overlook Park.  Easy to find.  Easy to miss.  It’s worth turning around to go back.  You’ll get the best views of Buford Dam for memorable photographs.  There aren’t many parking places, so you might not be able to stop and read the sign.  Sorry.  It’s a display with fun facts about Buford Dam and Lake Lanier.

This overlook is truly unique!  Carloads of tourists will be so tired of driving in circles looking for a parking place that you can sell them your space when you leave!  If you meet people from foreign lands, such as Alabama, ask if they want to buy their very own dam!

When the fun is over, simply drive out of the parking lot and merge back onto Buford Dam Road.  At first, you might think you will never merge into the tight wads of traffic.  Don’t worry!  Some careless driver will hit another gawker’s car, and you will be home for dinner!

You won’t find many picnic tables, Frisbee fields, boat ramps or fire pits at West Bank Overlook Park.  It’s all about the view of Buford Dam.

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