Looking for deep water to fish for stripers on Lake Lanier?  Launch your boat at Tidwell Park and be sure you have plenty of bait for a good day’s fishing.

Tidwell Park — Photograph by Steve Burge

Tidwell Park is a US Army Corps of Engineers recreational area east of the Town of Cumming.  The trip to Tidwell from Buford Dam takes much longer by car than by boat.

This park isn’t well equipped for picnics.  There are benches where you can pause to gain your strength while walking or for a moment of solitude.

Absorb the joy of being out in nature again — running, boating or staring at the clouds.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all Corps of Engineers parks.  Possession of alcohol by anyone in your group can result in the immediate eviction of the entire party from the park, even if you have rented a pavilion.

Almost eight million people a year visit Lake Lanier.  You’re sure to find a place to call your own somewhere along its 700-miles of shoreline.

Tidwell Park Directions

  • Tidwell Park is located off Georgia Route 400 at exit 16.
  • Travel east on Pilgrim Mill Road right to the park.  You can’t miss it.
  • 4900 Pilgrim Mill Road, Cumming, GA  30041

Lake Lanier Parks Information

(5) Comments

  1. Bryan Derry

    Is it true that dogs are welcome to the beach here or is that a rumor?

  2. Alex Carson

    Are dogs allowed on the beaches here?

  3. Sam

    I would like to know also if dogs are allowed in the water.

    1. Robert Sutherland


      To my knowledge, dogs are not allowed on beaches. For a better answer, I invite you to contact the Corps of Engineers.

      This link should help: http://www.sam.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Recreation/Lake-Sidney-Lanier/Day-Use/



  4. Sue C.

    Yes, dogs are allowed on the shore and in the water.

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