Flowery Branch Park is nestled in a pleasant cove off the eastern side of Lake Lanier, adjacent to Hideaway Bay Marina on Mitchell Street.

Flowery Branch Park ~ Photo by Steve Burge

Depending on your perspective, this park is either as boring as geometry or it’s the ideal location to escape life’s stresses for a few minutes or hours.

Fishing is popular here too, although it might not be the optimal place to land a striper.  The best part about fishing is you never what you’ll catch!

This is a handy a place to beat the heat and have a picnic, with a playground for the kids.  You can put your boat into Lanier down toward the marina, but there are no official ramps at this park.

Busy train tracks give you plenty of practice to listen to train whistles as they near crossings.  You can tell how close the trains are just by listening to the four toots of their horns.  You’ll hear two LONG blasts, followed by a short blast.  The four and last blast is the longest.  That comes as the train arrives at the crossing.  Learn the pattern and know your toots.

If you get a hankering for a real meal and something cool to sip, head down to the Fish Tales Lakeside Grill.  Great food and fun on the edge of the water.

If you’re a boater, do yourself a favor and locate Hideaway Bay Marina on your GPS.  If storms come up quickly — as they often do in summer — head for this safe harbor instead of doing battle with a thunderstorm on Lanier.

To visit Flowery Branch Park, get off I-985 at Exit 12 in Flowery Branch.  Go west (where the sun sets) on Phil Niekro Blvd. down to Atlanta Highway.  Cross the railroad tracks and follow the signs down the narrow wiggly roads toward Flowery Branch Park, Hideaway Bay Marina and Fish Tales Lakeside Grill.

Flowery Branch Park is easy to find — but hard to leave.

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