Big Creek Park

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

Big Creek Park is a good place to launch your boat near Lake Lanier Islands.

Depending on who you contact, the park is either operated by Lanier Islands (although they say it isn’t) or the US Army Corps of Engineers (who say it is operated by Lanier Islands).

But who cares?  You can still put your boat in the water and go fish all day or motor over to Cocktail Cove and drop anchor there.  Problem solved.

Katherine at Big Creek Tavern was especially helpful (over the phone) in solving this riddle, so she and the tavern earned a shout out!

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You’ll find the boat ramps at Big Creek Park at the end of Big Creek Road, off Holiday Road in Buford, next to Big Creek Tavern and the marinas on Holiday Road.

Click Here for Lake Lanier Corps of Engineers Park Info