Lake Lanier Day-Use Park & Campground Closing Dates

We are led to believe that summer ends with the passing of Labor Day. Pffft. Talk about “fake news.” This list of Lake Lanier day-use park and campground closing dates proves that the spectacular waterfront parks around America’s Greatest Lake are still open for business. For a while.

These USACE Day-Use Park Beaches Close on September 28, 2019:

Lakeside Camping on Lake Lanier
Photo by Robert Sutherland
  • Buford Dam Upper Overlook
  • Buford Dam Park
  • Burton Mill Park
  • Keith’s Bridge
  • Little Hall Park
  • Long Hollow Park
  • Lower Pool East

Boat ramps, picnic tables and walking paths will remain open at most day-use parks.

These USACE Campgrounds on Lake Lanier Close on September 15th:

  • Duckett Mill
  • Sawnee
  • Toto Creek
  • Van Pugh South

The two USACE campgrounds that close for the 2019 season on October 20th are Bald Ridge and Old Federal. Bolding Mill stays open the latest, with a closing date of November 20th.

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Campgrounds On Lake Lanier

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