SnowWorld at Lanier Islands Melts Away

The un-fun snow world in New England.
The un-fun snow world in New England.

SnowWorld at Lanier Islands melts into oblivion on Sunday, January 25, 2015 — after the blizzard of activity on Saturday … known as Snow Jam 2!

Join the gang at Sunset Cove as Lanier Islands partners with Cadillac Jack and Kicks 101.5 for Snow Jam 2!

Play all day in the snow and then head over to the Cove for a great live concert from Kelsea Ballerini!

Please Note:  There is no truth to the rumor that Kelsea Ballerini was named after a bunch of little ballerinas.  Thank you.

Great atmosphere, great music, great food, and great friends equals one great day right on Lake Lanier.

The fun SnowWorld at Lanier Islands!
The fun SnowWorld at Lanier Islands!

Kelsea Ballerini’s set begins at 4:30 pm.  The Cover is $10 at Sunset Cove.  Snow Jam 2 cover charge is included with your admission.

Play all day at SnowWorld and rock out the evening at Sunset Cove with Snow Jam 2!

Lanier Islands lowered the price for the final weekend of SnowWorld too.

Everyone aged three and up pays a mere $19.95 (plus taxes, floormats, shipping an handling, if applicable).

Fun & Games at SnowWorld

Arctic Gap

The highlight of the Arctic Gap is Polar Plummet where riders will speed down one of our 13 tubing lanes. The little ones will enjoy the opportunity to build snowmen and make snow angels at the nearby Cub’s Landing! Strap on your skates and spend some time gliding across the Coca-Cola Polar Rink. Also, be sure to wave hello to Bucky Beaver as he will be enjoying the snow here as well! Stop by the freshly renovated Bucky’s for all your favorite gifts, winter apparel, season passes & more! Then grab a burger at Glacier Café or stroll on over to Tad’s for some Hot Chocolate and roast S’mores by the fire.

Ice Kingdom

Our very own Ice Princess, Crystal, will greet you with a warm smile as the little ones enjoy the snow at The Frozen Lake and the older kids have fun exploring and playing at The Frozen Forest. And, those who desire to take on a daring sled race can venture to The Wizard’s Chase where you will plummet downhill while racing your friends. Lookout for an icy blast from the Evil Wizard!

Snowbird’s Paradise

This popular haven is a great place for a leisurely snack or warming beverage as you watch the action up and down the Boardwalk. Here you’ll find something for everyone from Gianni’s Pizza to Paradise Popcorn and many other delectable treats.  Ride the Ferris Wheel for a bird’s eye view of the entire park.

The Himalayas

Watch out for the Wild Yeti as you grab a sled to plunge down Intimidator Summit and the Triple Peaks like you never have before! These slides are fast and a perfect fit for the more adventurous!

Sunset City

Climb to the top of the slide where those daring enough can take a chilling ride down a Polar Vortex! Then, we’ll be sure to greet your teens with a blast of snow as they enter Powder Park. And, just for the little ones, they can safely play in the snow at Icicle Bay. After you’ve toured Sunset City, now’s your chance to grab a warm cup of hot chocolate from Sunset Cove restaurant and sit for a while next to the roaring fire pits.

Stuff for Parental Units

Slide intensity is designated by classic skiing icons. Black diamonds are the most intense, followed by blue squares, and then green circles for little to no intensity. Look for these designations on the signs containing the slides’ names. Rules and regulations will also appear on these signs, please read them carefully before allowing your child to participate.

Tubing lanes and the 5 speed slides require riders to be at least 42″ and taller. Additionally, “zones” are separated according age/height. For example, The Ice Kingdom is separated into “The Frozen Lake” (little children under 42″) and “The Frozen Forest” (children and teens).

Thinking about waiting until next year to play at SnowWorld?  Why take a chance?  What if you get hit by space debris or you’re abucted by spacepeople?

Click Here for SnowWorld 


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