1 PM Explosion Will Rock GA 20 & 316

GA DOT's Controlled Blast
Controlled blast?

If you’ve ever wanted to know how far traffic could possibly back up at the intersection of Georgia Routes 20 & 316, this is your big day.

Our Department of Transportation (DOT) will set off a controlled blast there today at 1 p.m. to remove imbedded rock (which would be a pretty good name for a band).

Traffic will be stopped briefly before the intersection as the blast occurs.

Briefly!!!  Hahahaha.  Don’t you just love DOT humor!  What kidders!

District Construction Engineer Harold Mull says, “This rock is in the area of the new SR 20 bridge over SR 316.  To ensure safety of motorists, traffic will be stopped approximately 1,000 feet away from the intersection on all four approaches for about five minutes.”

If you miss today’s massive traffic jam, don’t fret.  Two more blasts will be needed to remove the rock from the intersection. “Controlled blasts are the most efficient method of removing large rock deposits from a work area.  Only one blast is planned today,” according to Mr. Mull.

Once the project is completed, motorists on SR 316 will access SR 20 and Collins Hill Road via ramps instead of the existing intersections.

“This project will build one interchange or exit to allow traffic from State Route 316 to access State Route 20 or to access Collins Hill Road using a system of long ramps.  The existing signalized intersections at State Route 20 and at Collins Hill Road will be removed as the interchange is finished.  It is similar to the system we have along I-85 from SR 120 down to Pleasant Hill Road.  You get off the mainline of I-85 south at SR 120 and use the parallel roads to access the exit you need,” said Mull.

This $37.4 million construction project includes 2.23 miles of new roadway and two new bridges over SR 316. The project completion date is December 31, 2014 and the contractor is GP’S Enterprises, Inc. of Auburn.

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