Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands

About the Magical Nights

Lake Lanier Islands celebrates 20 years of Magical Nights of Lights!

You’re invited to bring family and friends to another year of twinkling lights and bright smiles.  Add memories of your own to the famous traditions under the lights.

Fill your car with family, friends and neighbors and head out to Magical Nights of Lights.  Enjoy a slow ride with miles of illuminated characters and millions of twinkling lights:

  • drive over the magnificent snowflake bridge
  • down through the 12 days of Christmas
  • up past the illuminated diamond wonder light
  • under the blanket-lit bridge
  • to the dancing Holiday House
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Christmas Carnival and more!

The celebration begins Friday, November 16th until New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31st.

The Magical Nights of Lights journey doesn’t stop with the lights.  The Holiday Village is a must-see for everyone, complete with a bonfire for roasting marshmallows, delicious holiday fare, pony and amusement rides, holiday shopping and much more.  Find the perfect Christmas tree ornament to commemorate your visit.

Kids of all ages can take a break from roasting marshmallows and riding ponies to have their photos taken and discuss their holiday wish lists with Santa himself at the Santa Shop.  (Nominal charges apply to the Santa photos, amusement rides, pony rides and marshmallow roasting.)

Special Treats to See This Year

  • Celebrate Santa’s Grand Arrival Accompanied by Fireworks on Saturday, November 17th
  • Live Nativity Scene back by popular demand! (December 1st – 25th)
  • Verizon Wireless Ice Skating Rink
  • New Animated Lights Holiday House
  • Mingle with our mascot, Bucky Beaver
  • Visit with Santa & his elves
  • Traditional carnival rides
  • NEW collection of lights and attractions

Click Here for Pricing, Hours and Information

What do you think about "Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands"? Let us know ...

  • Martha Smith

    Is everything handicapp accessible .do we go thru the magical lighting in our cars and then get out and walk to Santa shop and etc

    • steve

      Hi Martha. Yes, I believe so. It’s worth calling the Island to check, but I’m 99% sure it’s handicap accessible.

    • Kurtis

      What did you expect Martha Smith? This is no place for lazy ass people. You could save lake lanier island a favor and stay home

  • Brooke

    It is accessible, it is tight in the store or “workshop” we had a hard time getting a stroller through last year.

  • Lisa

    Is there going to be a free ugly sweater admission night?

  • Heather

    Waste of money

    • LaShun McGhee

      Wow… Why???

      • Mark

        Because there is like 10 Christmas lights to look at and they are not even good. And they advertise everywhere that it is $20 and then when you get to the gate to pay it magically becomes $30. There huge Christmas light display takes like 15 minutes to drive thru tops and I’ve seen better Christmas lights just driving thru neighborhoods

  • Jill Hassan

    We enjoyed the festivities so much, visiting from Raleigh,NC niece took us. Enjoyed the scenes of lights on sand, bonfire, with smores and hot chocolate, rides for the younger ones, and lovely scenery. Highlights were bonfire on lake! Tubing down snow slides, and bob sleding down big slide! Snowball, snow area for kids! I thought it fantastic. Could use some carolers around, and more lights on the drive, but all in all excellent time for family!

  • NHK

    How much is the admission fee per car?

  • Mark

    complete waste of money

  • megan

    Awful this year don’t waste your money if you are trying to see lights this is not the place to go

  • Amy

    Are the snow areas extra money to get in?

  • JENN

    I ave been going to the lights at Lake Lanier for 15 years.This year was a huge disappointment and we feel the $30.00 to get in a car of 4 was a waste of money. What happened to the lights? It used to be a great place to go and celebrate the christmas holiday. They had beautiful lights. This year, they only had a few lights. it was all about pay 430.00 each kid to ride a few slides on a tube and then pay 20.00 to ride the carnival rides. A drink of water was $3.50! We walked away extremely disjointed and feeling ripped off.BRING THE LIGHTS BACK

  • JENN


  • Paula Daugherty Metzger

    Have been going for years and totally agree that this year was AWFUL! They wanted us to park in something called the pink lot and walk about one-half mile with 5 children ages 5 and under to get to the carnival rides and Santa house. No shuttle. Very disappointed.

    • Diana Lynn Lorance Kilpatrick

      AWFUL !!!!!!!! We missed Santa work shop,some lights like the 12 days of Christmas because of the way they had it set up is VERY confessing !!!!!!!! Was BETTER last year & in years passed !!!!!!!!! What is the deal with the small sign tell you how to get to Santa work shop I thought we was going to run into like years passed YES we seen the sign but thought it was something different ! GO BACK to the way you use to have the lights !!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    We have been going to the lights for years now & this year was absolutely awful. The drive through the lights was much shorter and the carnival was spread out so much we didn’t even see half of it. I loved how everything was close together. We had an infant with us and by the time we made it back to our car he was miserable and so were we. I can honestly say if this is the same next year we will not be back. I’m sad we wasted the money and both of our kids were absolutely exhausted and miserable by the time we were done. I love seeing the lights and we always had a blast but this year was a complete disaster.

  • Jess

    Not child friendly at all.

  • Jls

    I felt like I was in the movie Santa claus 3 when Jack Frost takes over the north pole. Lol!

  • Phoebe

    The lights are a waste of time. My grandkids could only ride 3 rides. There used to be miles and miles of awesome lights. Now, it’s just about the money they can make on the rides and food. Complete waste of $70.00

  • yubran glez

    All i know that this year suck there were no lights at all for the kids very sad…

  • JTurner

    What I think about the Magical Nights of Lights is that it is so outrageously expensive that we will not be able to enjoy it this year. My family cannot afford to pay almost $90 to see Christmas lights :-(

  • mari a

    Has anyone been there this year? Is it worth it?