Lanier World Winter Adventure

Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands

LanierWorld Winter Adventure

The weather has been warm and sunny for so long that we’ve forgotten what rain feels like.  The updated forecast, however, calls for lots of snow in one spot:  LanierWorld Winter Adventure opens on Friday, November 18, 2016.

You’re especially going to like two words they’re using to describe LanierWorld Winter Adventure this year: more affordable.

Lanier Islands Chief Executive Officer Mike Williams says, “We’re particularly eager to launch Winter Adventure this year under a new pricing structure that’s sure to be a hit with Atlanta families.”

This holiday season, admission to the Magical Lights Tour at Winter Adventure is just $45 per car for passenger cars and vans that accommodate up to 10 passengers.  There’s an additional cost for larger vehicles and busses.  Advance purchases on the LanierWorld website are just $36 per car.

For no additional charge, guests may stop at the Holiday Village to enjoy visits with Santa, watch beloved holiday classics on the massive flat screen TV and dine on tasty holiday treats.

Add a little more ‘adventure’ to your Winter Adventure and purchase wristbands for unlimited carnival rides, access to the snow play zones and bubble skating.

Fun Begins When LanierWorld Winter Adventure Opens

  • Seven miles of twinkling holiday light displays leading to Santa’s Village.
  • Snow play zones, speed slides and bubble skating are a Winter Adventure!
  • A collection of classic Carnival Rides offer fun for the whole family.
  • Bigger than life holiday films on the 5-story Spectacular Screen

For more information, click here.

  • Martha Smith

    Is everything handicapp accessible .do we go thru the magical lighting in our cars and then get out and walk to Santa shop and etc

    • Hi Martha. Yes, I believe so. It’s worth calling the Island to check, but I’m 99% sure it’s handicap accessible.

    • Kurtis

      What did you expect Martha Smith? This is no place for lazy ass people. You could save lake lanier island a favor and stay home

      • Chelsea

        Why would you say that to someone you do not know or have never seen? You have no idea what her handicap is- completely hurtful and uncalled for words. Rude people like yourself should be staying home.

      • Crystal

        Your a complete dick kurtis. Wow just wow

  • Brooke

    It is accessible, it is tight in the store or “workshop” we had a hard time getting a stroller through last year.

  • Lisa

    Is there going to be a free ugly sweater admission night?

  • Heather

    Waste of money

    • LaShun McGhee

      Wow… Why???

      • Mark

        Because there is like 10 Christmas lights to look at and they are not even good. And they advertise everywhere that it is $20 and then when you get to the gate to pay it magically becomes $30. There huge Christmas light display takes like 15 minutes to drive thru tops and I’ve seen better Christmas lights just driving thru neighborhoods

  • Jill Hassan

    We enjoyed the festivities so much, visiting from Raleigh,NC niece took us. Enjoyed the scenes of lights on sand, bonfire, with smores and hot chocolate, rides for the younger ones, and lovely scenery. Highlights were bonfire on lake! Tubing down snow slides, and bob sleding down big slide! Snowball, snow area for kids! I thought it fantastic. Could use some carolers around, and more lights on the drive, but all in all excellent time for family!

    • Lori B

      Yes until you get to the window and they inform you that it is onlly for certain nights or between certain dates. That happens to us every time! (but not this year 2015)

  • NHK

    How much is the admission fee per car?

  • Mark

    complete waste of money

  • megan

    Awful this year don’t waste your money if you are trying to see lights this is not the place to go

  • Amy

    Are the snow areas extra money to get in?

  • JENN

    I ave been going to the lights at Lake Lanier for 15 years.This year was a huge disappointment and we feel the $30.00 to get in a car of 4 was a waste of money. What happened to the lights? It used to be a great place to go and celebrate the christmas holiday. They had beautiful lights. This year, they only had a few lights. it was all about pay 430.00 each kid to ride a few slides on a tube and then pay 20.00 to ride the carnival rides. A drink of water was $3.50! We walked away extremely disjointed and feeling ripped off.BRING THE LIGHTS BACK

    • Susan Holland

      I agree with you. Very disappointed

  • JENN


  • Paula Daugherty Metzger

    Have been going for years and totally agree that this year was AWFUL! They wanted us to park in something called the pink lot and walk about one-half mile with 5 children ages 5 and under to get to the carnival rides and Santa house. No shuttle. Very disappointed.

    • Diana Lynn Lorance Kilpatrick

      AWFUL !!!!!!!! We missed Santa work shop,some lights like the 12 days of Christmas because of the way they had it set up is VERY confessing !!!!!!!! Was BETTER last year & in years passed !!!!!!!!! What is the deal with the small sign tell you how to get to Santa work shop I thought we was going to run into like years passed YES we seen the sign but thought it was something different ! GO BACK to the way you use to have the lights !!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    We have been going to the lights for years now & this year was absolutely awful. The drive through the lights was much shorter and the carnival was spread out so much we didn’t even see half of it. I loved how everything was close together. We had an infant with us and by the time we made it back to our car he was miserable and so were we. I can honestly say if this is the same next year we will not be back. I’m sad we wasted the money and both of our kids were absolutely exhausted and miserable by the time we were done. I love seeing the lights and we always had a blast but this year was a complete disaster.

  • Jess

    Not child friendly at all.

  • Jls

    I felt like I was in the movie Santa claus 3 when Jack Frost takes over the north pole. Lol!

  • Phoebe

    The lights are a waste of time. My grandkids could only ride 3 rides. There used to be miles and miles of awesome lights. Now, it’s just about the money they can make on the rides and food. Complete waste of $70.00

  • yubran glez

    All i know that this year suck there were no lights at all for the kids very sad…

  • JTurner

    What I think about the Magical Nights of Lights is that it is so outrageously expensive that we will not be able to enjoy it this year. My family cannot afford to pay almost $90 to see Christmas lights 🙁

  • mari a

    Has anyone been there this year? Is it worth it?

  • tiffany

    Ok, there are a few things you need to know before going. First, It really is loads of fun for all ages. The price of admission is $37 or adults and $27 for children and under 5 free. This includes lights, adventure pass (ice skating, sleding, zipline, snow tubing and snow playground) and unlimited carvinal rides. You can purchase tickets just for the lights and just drive pass the winter land fun for $15 per adult and $10 per kid (I think?) And check the website before you go because they have peak days where the price for everything is increased. Second, get there early by 5pm if you want to get your money worth or even ride all the attractions. We got there at 6:15 pm and it took over an hour and half to get to gates. The lights area took maybe 15 minutes before we arrived at the winter land. Which was suppose to be halfway way through the light attraction. I have no complaints about the winter land area except by that time we got there we had just a couple of hours to enjoy all the rides before 10pm when some of the attractions started to close. I was disppointed by this because I saw them selling adventure wristbands at full price to customers who didnt know by that time both sled rides, zipline and ice skating was closed. Employees stated the reason for closure was because the park close at 10pm. But we stayed on carnival rides until 11pm when we dragged the kids to the car. It seems the carnival rides are operated by a separate entity then the adventure attractions. Which is why some rides close at 10pm and others stay open till whenever? But when you pay one bundled entry fee it just seems confusing and disappointing to kids. By the time we made it to the sleding side they were closed. And lastly, the lights past the winter land leaving the park apparently turn off at 10pm as well. When we left at 11pm we were looking forward to seeing the other half of the lights on the way out only to be disappointed that they were turned off. So overall it’s loads of fun but your bound to go feeling like you missed out on something.

    • josh

      Was the sledding skating etc… included with fee or did you have to pay for them on top of the entry fee.


      • Melissa Brooks Garrett

        !st of all the adult fees are 28.00 bucks this is only for the lights not other activities, A complete waste of anyone’s money Stay away go to stone mountain or callaway gardens, But this place will never ever get anymore of my hard earned money,

  • Norman Griswold

    We came early with visitors from Virginia. The lights were about half (our estimate) as many as they had a couple of years ago. After bragging about the lights to our relatives we were very disappointed. Many of the lights were not there and one large set could be seen turned off. The price is way too high for what you get. I would also add the lights around the booth form the upper parking lot were not adequate. None around the booth and we kept looking to see if we were going to miss a step. Some lights on the stairs from a wire strung with clear Christmas lights provided some help but it was poor. I would recommend this be fixed immediately. If some one falls and you get sued I have warned you. It certainly had a carnival atmosphere but not a Christmas one, at the Christmas village. This was a big rip-off. Please tell everybody if you want a carnival with rides you got it—but if you want Holiday Lights you ain’t got it. Are you trying to compete with Stone Mountain? Go back to what you had before.

  • Erie cassimus

    The price is ridiculous for 95.oo for 4 adults and 1 child. Plus the price should have been posted way before entering the village. What a rip off

  • Christine Rubin

    It was pretty after Thanksgiving dinner .. but it’s the first large holiday light display I ever saw with nothing for Hannukah ! The Jewish kids with us were disappointed & so was I . A nice menorrah
    would look so beautiful in blue & white ! Maybe next year …..

  • Jennifer Lutz

    I drove over an hour and an half to get there, and they were closed! According to the coupon, it was good from Nov 20th. Traveling with 3 adults and 3 children is very hard and we had spent all day preparing to come! Very disappointed…

  • Jennifer H

    Are you kidding me. They must think they are Callaway Gardens, not by any stretch of the imination! This had been a tradition for our family for 15 years, I will never go back. When we pulled up and found out how much we left! You are not community friendly any more, just out for the all mighty buck. You won’t see any more money from this family! Santa waiting for Thanksgiving to come at the most busiest day what a racket, he isn’t worth that kind of wait. Charging for parking really. Open your eyes you are ripping off what was loyal customers, and could had been potionally future tradition. Go to road atlanta it was awesome and only 20.00 a van full. My grandkids loved it no crowd much better lights!

  • stacy

    I am so heart broken at this point. We have been going with our kids a few years now. Affordable, fun and the Christmas spirit but this year you destroyed that. We payed $100 to enter the gates 2 adults 5 children plus $15 for the car. very sad since in past years we only paid $15 to enter. So we paid $100 to see Christmas lights only because that $100 fee to enter and purchase tickets included nothing i mean nothing except for the ride through to see the lights. So of course while there i shelled another $100 so my kids could sled ride and ride the carnival rides what a bummer on that. And last but not least i paid another $20 for a picture with santa and they cut off all the back ground in the photo which was why i wanted that particular photo with santa because the set up was beautiful needless to say they zoomed so far in and was off center so i got a crappy picture. You lost my business and i am telling everyone to be aware of the very expensive changes

  • Kaci Taft

    Not near the lights it used to have, it took about 20 minutes, & the carnival rides/Santa’s workshop were in a different place this year-not at the very end. It was a a waste of $70.00! Will not be returning anytime soon. Lake Lanier Islands, you were a colossal disappointment.

    K. Bramlett

  • Julie Haney

    We paid over $200 for “combo” tickets for 3 adults and a 5 year old. We were told the 2 year old was “free”, not true. The lights are the same lights from 20 years ago when they were charging $20 for a car load to get in. The “Carnival” was staffed with inconsiderate, untrained people. We had a mood-killing encounter with one of the ride attendants who literally man-handle my two-year old grand-daughter. It was a complete disaster. Take your money and go to Stone Mountain, at least you know what your getting there and the staff isn’t employed by a third-party (Maple Leaf Amusements) that doesn’t give a crap.

  • Amanda Wegner

    Complete waste of money, i usually love going to to light shows and dont mind the expense but $75 for a car of 4 is crazy and well the drive is long there are few lights. The the app they encourage doesnt sync with the ride …i woulnt go again

  • Chloe

    My boyfriend, his grandson and I went to see the lights Saturday night. We paid over $70 to get in and see less lights inside the park than we seen on the drive up. Pathetic. And Santa’s village is one shop, one cart for hot chocolate and one (gas log) fire pit to roast marshmallows with the other 30 people trying to roast. Also, in addition to the $70 entry fee, its $5 for 5 marshmallows that you roast. They also recommend that you download an app when you get there. Well, the app is so large that it wont down load without wifi…..which isn’t available. Not something ill do again or recommend.

  • Heather HC

    What is the pricing for children under 5?

  • Lori B

    I was so disappointed that they retired the Twelve Days of Christmas. Those were my all time favorite since I have been going (2002-2015). We almost didn’t come this year because last year was something around $60 for a car up to 4 people! When we got to the gate last year and found out, we just did a U turn and went home. Then heard later that there were about half the lights…Double the money and half the lights. Looks like they redeemed themselves this year!

  • Laurin Lausier

    I am so extremely disappointed in the lights now. The last two years, they have been terrible! Not worth the money. This was a family tradition….going to see the lights at Lake Lanier every year. Why did you change what was a great thing? Unfortunately, we will not come back again unless you add back the lights that you took out. Please consider!

  • Suzanne mcgill

    The lights are ruined!!!!! We have gone to the lights for over 10 years and last year everything has been totally changed. Very disappointed. They have upgraded Santas’ location from last year but lights are pitiful. Unfortunately we will not return.

  • brandon meeks

    Me and my family went last night cost 65 at the gate to get in. about 15 to 20 minutes to drive through. very disappointed not much to see. Then they have a little park that you can walk around and spend more money on. The have some rides and a big slide not worth 21 dollars for all u can ride wrist bands (i have three boys). All in all spent well over 120 for about less that two hours of being there wont be coming back

  • Sam

    Order your tickets off of Groupon. It makes the prices so much better.

  • Melinda Krueger

    We have went every year for the past 8 years . Last year ruined it for us! I’m handicapped and walk with a cane. They made us park at the top of a giant very steep hill! I would have fallen trying to walk down it if not for my husband helping me every step! The lights use to be awesome to drive through . Last year they were a big disappointment . Two years ago the ice rink was actually ice. Last year it was some waxy plastic . My husband grew up ice skating. He could hardly stand on this, forget skate with our kids on it! It also peeled off little plastic shards that were all over everyone’s cloths and didn’t come off! Their were a lot of VERY unhappy adults and kids! Not worth the money anymore unfortunately. They would have to make some major changes !

  • BobRob Winn

    How does a company, much less a family-owned company, not respond to the deluge of negative comments about the “Magical” Nights of Lights? Furthermore, how do you falsely advertise the “12 Days of Christmas” (people’s favorite display) and get away with it? The Williams family (owners) and the company should be ashamed!

  • Melissa Brooks Garrett

    We went this year and it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save your money, We had publix coupons they would not honor them, We had to pay 28.00 per person and it wasnt worth 10 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very dissatisfied with this place. Its horrible to say the least and I am being nice, We will never go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We spent over $300 for the day at the Winter Adventure, Carnival, and lights. We were driving through the lights around 10:30 and 75% of them were turned off!!!! That is unacceptable!!!! We were told by several workers the park and lights didn’t end until 11 pm. We were all very disappointed. I would like to know who I can talk to about this

  • SuzyT

    We have been going to see the lights for nearly 20 years. It was horrible this year! I didn’t go last year, but in their obvious attempt to reinvent and become more relevant, they have failed. We couldn’t find how to get to the Christmas shop. They moved it and the parking is too far away. No signage or direction in the dark to find your way there. We wanted to buy ornaments and goodies and they missed out. We saw so many other people driving around confused and pulling off to the side to figure it out.
    The mobile app is worthless! No GPS tracking to know where you are and not informative. The brochure was also worthless and didn’t help. The people are not trained and could not help. And when you came into the park and paid, no one explained that things have changed.
    The lights are also spread out, and a lot of dark space in between.
    Disappointed, you bet! And the magic is lost.

  • Coby

    Very disappointed there are not enough lights for $45.00 a car load….”Christmas Special”..

  • Gerardo

    Wow I’m so sad about the Christmas lights we pay 65 for nothing everything was close like the small fair place me and my family are so disappointed I wish I had my money back and we may never come back with those high prices.

  • Emilie Harpe

    Very disappointed this year. We went on Christmas Day because that was the only time we could all go as a family. There were four of us so with the Christmas Day discount we went from paying $100 to $65. The last time we went (two years ago) the entire car (5 adults) cost $35. If that wasn’t bad enough, the lights (which usually take 45+ minutes with minimal traffic) took us 30 minutes with serious traffic in places. The twelve days of Christmas were nowhere to be found, the carnival was closed, I have no idea where the “Diamond Wonder Light” “Dancing Holiday House” or “Blanket Lit Bridge” were supposed to be, we couldn’t find the entrance to Santa’s Workshop because it had been moved so my sister didn’t get the schnauzer ornament she had been saving up for, and the “Special Treats” section of this page were completely nonexistent. The only bathroom we could find was outside the park and was utterly disgusting so when three of us became bowel challenged due to rushing Christmas dinner just to get there before long lines and the attractions beginning to close around 8pm like the last time we went, we had to drive two miles away to find a decent bathroom. We couldn’t find ONE thing that made the hour plus ride from our home worth the effort and shortening of Christmas dinner worth coming back for. My family doesn’t have much money so we can only afford to go once every two years but we have faithfully gone every other year for ten years but I doubt that we will be back in ’17. We live close enough to a wealthy neighborhood that we can go there instead without needing a hundred dollar bill. Shame on you Magical Nights of Lights. You got greedy and now capitalism will take you down a peg when you question why you’re losing profits. By the way: paying per car might be initially less profitable than per person but when you pack the cars so that they are lined up for five miles before the entrance you really don’t need to worry about money. Go back to that system and we might talk about the possibility of regaining my family’s business.

  • Bryce Porterfield

    I saw that the magical lights were advertised on the website and drove 44 minutes to see the lights. The lady at the gatest was kind and told us that we were actually getting a deal today because the magical lights weren’t open until the 18th but there was a 5k today so they had them open. I paid 15 dollars to drive 3 minutes through not even half the lights where the cops had the lights blocked off. There were supposed to be a walk through part and everything. I asked the lady at the front for my money back and they told me that they could not do that I then proceeded to ask for a discount and come back. They also could not do that….that was no discount at all it was 3 minutes worth of lights. I will never be coming back again (which by the way normal ticket prices are 45 dollars)

  • Donna

    Will law enforcement be able to get in free this year?

  • Laura Hall

    I wanted to share. Whike we were disappointed they did not offer free admission to military this year, and that the discount only applies to active duty and not veterans, we did thoroughly enjoy our trip tonight.

    My daughter loved the lights display, though it seemed the same as last year, only the ride went by quicker.

    The Santa, on the other hand, is the best we’ve ever met. He was so sweet to my baby girl (3 years old) and never broke character. He seemed very loving and like genuinely cared for us all. He definitely made my daughter feel special.

  • William Ruberte

    Aweful experience. Employee of one kids ride complained throughout. Operator of Ferris Wheel exhibited odd behavior. Refused to accept tickets for 10 year old unless another person went on the ride attempting to extort more tickets. Winter Adventure Supervisor of park is a teeny bopper with no real life experience or authority to do didly squat. WTF. Contesting ticket charge and voting with wallet. Never again.

  • Stephanie Beatty Martinez

    My family and I went for the first time in many years in Friday December 2 2016. We where very disapointed. I had high hope the all of the diplays had be updated. But, sadly they had not. We will not be returning, like ever. Please up date the light show, it is very out dated.

  • Mrs. Hart

    EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING THIS YEAR (2016)!! Had built my church group up on the hype from years past. Whatever happened to the Twelve Days of Christmas display? We used to sing as we passed this display. The detours were a nuisance. The radio suggests visiting the gift shop at the end of the tour. Guess what? At the end of the tour we were headed straight to the road that leads out with NO explanation that we were about to exit the park. We never saw the gift shop I told them about and the cauldron where you could roast marshmallows. Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve been there, but I would have expected an improvement to be for the better. The Live Nativity was cute but hardly worth getting a bunch of seniors off the bus in the rain for a five-minute presentation.

  • Kayla

    I went on a double date to see the Wonderful Christmas lights I heard so much about. We paid $45 to see something I could have seen for free. We were in the lights for 10 mins and only saw a few lights. We were following the road the whole time and then we ended up back on the main street. We were all very disappointed. The lights were given too much hype.

  • Keke

    How do u pay so u can pay the 36 dollars like what websitd

  • Bobby Siska

    This place used to be so much better, and I’m not just saying from when I was a child. Over the last 4 years it has digressed. There are far fewer lights now, no more 12 days of Christmas, which was one of their biggest displays. The lights are over in 10 minutes, the gift shop is about 1/5 the older size, and the site is chaotic. Just a giant trap to get your kids to scream and want to ride the very expensive rides, slides, snow area, and ice skate. It’s less about the lights now and more about the snow world, which is a HUGE disappointment. People liked the giant magical shop, and more lights. If you don’t believe me, look at ANY yelp review in the last 3 years. My wife and I love this because we went there while we were dating, and still went after we got married, but it has completely changed for the worst. I hope they get enough of these to get rid of the snow park and bring back more lights…

  • Brandon

    My girlfriend and i took my little sister to the nights of lights tonight the lights were pretty but slightley disapointed for the money. How ever the biggest issue was that we some how missed the gift shop and even when asking staff no one could seem to get us there. We were exiting before we relized we had missed it. There was no where to turn around with this being said my little sisters trip ended in tears. Hoping this will be improved before our next visit!

  • Alexandra Hammock

    Is there any way to return a pass that is bought online?

    • You’ll have to contact Lanier Islands. Their phone number is 770-945-8787.

  • Robert

    Are they allowing veterans in at no charge this year like last?

    • I see active duty, military and first responders receive free wristbands to Winter Adventure, but unfortunately I don’t see anything on their discounts page about veterans ( However, I’d suggest calling Lanier Islands at 770-945-8787.

  • Su Selman

    How busy are the Lights on Christmas Eve?

    • I’m not sure how busy the lights are on Christmas Eve. I’d suggest phoning Lanier Islands at 770-945-8787.

  • Brenda

    What is the address to the light show?so I can put into gps. Thanks

  • Jewels

    I was at the Christmas Magical Lights on 12/23 around 9pm. I bought marshmallows ($3) and s’mores ($5) for total of $8 at the tiki bar from the lady bartender. How come this bar up charges $0.75 more than other food stands? I noticed that the other food stands charged marshmallows for $2.25 and s’mores for $4.25. Its not about the money.. I felt like I got ripped off..

  • Rachel

    when is the last day to go?

  • Christy

    I didn’t enjoy the lights! It use to be much better!!! It’s sad that there aren’t as many lights as there use to be and a lot are advertisement! It was a waste of gas and money!