Waterskiing on Lake Lanier can be fun… and frightening.

Let’s face it, Lake Lanier is a very busy lake and on the weekends it can be crazy to even try to water ski.  But regardless of what day of the week, the best time to head out on the lake is between sunrise and 9:00 am.  You may see some fishermen, but even in the southern parts of the lake such as Young Deer Park, behind Bald Ridge Park or Shoal Creek Park you can still find some calm water.

According to the Georgia State Department of Natural Resources it’s illegal for a boat or Personal Watercraft to pull a water skier or wake boarder within 100 feet of a non-moving boat, dock, bridge, person in the water, shoreline adjacent to a residence, swimming beach, marina, or other public use area. This law will limit you because the lake is covered in boats who don’t observe the rules.  Boats and jet skiers will cross your wake behind the skier and boat drivers need to be aware at all times. It also makes it difficult to ski in the narrow parts of the lake such as up the Chestatee especially on the weekends.  Your best bet is to find a cove and stay there.

Waterskiing on Lake Lanier is legal with just a driver in the boat. Unlike in states such as Wisconsin, your boat just needs a wide-angle rearview mirror. But If you don’t have a mirror, by law… you will need an observer in addition to the driver!

The lake is patrolled pretty diligently in the summer so make sure you have the proper number of lifejackets and equipment in the boat.  And your boat license is up to date.

If you truly want to leave the sticks behind and walk on water… one of the most active clubs on Lake Lanier is Team-Cumming-on-Up.  But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch a glimpse of these barefoot waterskiers.

Team-Cumming-on-Up was recognized in 2006 as USA Waterski’s “Club of the Year.” The Club includes national medal winners, two national champions and a member of the World Champion US Barefoot Team.  The team is also hosts a yearly Barefoot Waterski Clinic and at least one local tournament. Check out their website for the latest news www.barefootwaterskier.com

Lake Lanier Water Ski Camp

Lake Lanier Water Ski Camp offers instruction in basic skiing, slalom, barefooting, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. They are a family run business and only use experienced adult boat drivers and Competition Correct Craft ski boats. There is a maximum boat occupancy limit of 7 people at one time. In their teaching, they stress boat safety, use a special bar for teaching beginners, and use safe, quick-learning methods. In their 25 years of business, the Barnes family has taught over 1,500 students how to ski.

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