Water Levels Are Rising Here On Lake Lanier!

Now how does that grab your attention?! Well, it’s true…Looks like we’re up to approximately 1053, which is better than a few weeks ago! We are finally getting some rain and the Holiday season is paying off. I’ve been updating a few things on the website today. In the process, I looked at a few of my online photos. Back on Labor Day, we ventured out with some neighbors on their pontoon. I brought along the camera, so I could record a lot of photos of Lake Lanier’s look during the extreme drought. I wanted to post these so that everyone can see that the lake is still beautiful when you’re traveling out on the water. You can view my quick takes by clicking on the link above. You may want tho select the slide show button, as there are quite a few of these random lake photos. All of the photos were taken on the northern end of the lake, north of Hwy. 53 around Dawsonville and Gainesville.


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