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Mulistage adventure in the six mile creek area of Lake lanier trying to find the lair of Fishhead.

Mulitstage cache. First stage can be found from land but for the second stage you will need a watercraft (to get in to Fishhead’s lair and find his Treasure Box). After finding first stage, a launching point is nearby. Second stage is .9 mile water trip. Fishhead’s treasure box is well hidden and will require serious searching but no digging or moving objects.
The Legend of Fishhead:

I’ve heard a story about a creature that inhabits a certain part of Lake Sidney Lanier and I’m not sure whether it has any elements of truth or not. All I know is that I’ve heard some strange sounds and seen some movements in the water and woods on the shore that I cannot explain.

It’s said that a woman, expecting her first-born was walking the shore of Six Mile Creek, enjoying the sun and shadows at the back of this Creek where it empties into the Lake. The story goes on that a giant Catfish, chasing prey (probably a fish or a frog) splashed up near the shore and frightened the woman to such a degree that when her baby was born, he had the features of that very Catfish! His eyes were small and beady, his mouth was nothing but a lipless slit in his face and he never grew hair. His skin was pale gray and his feet and hands had webs between the toes and fingers.

This child was to become known in the local Community as “Fishhead”.

He was ridiculed and made fun of so much that he shrank from society. As a boy, he played by himself, retreating into the woods along the back of Six Mile Creek, fishing and playing with the animals that lived there. The animals accepted him as another animal and soon learned that this creature was kind and gentle and would never hurt them.

His mother tried to send him to school, but the other children made fun of him and ridiculed him so much that he came home in tears after the first few days in school and his mother never sent him back.

Fishhead’s Mother died when he was in his teens and because he never had a Father or any other relatives, he took up living in the woods along Six Mile Creek and established a home in the rocks at the back of the arm of the Lake where the Creek pours in.

Some people got a glimpse of Fishhead every now and then and rumors started that a monster was living along side the Creek. These reports gave couple of scoundrels an idea that they would capture this creature and put him on display, charging money for people to look at him so they set out in a wooden boat to capture Fishhead.

As they approached the back of the Lake arm they heard a splash and a few minutes later, they were gone. Nothing was ever found except their boat with claw marks on the side as if some animal had grabbed the side and turned the boat over.

I don’t know if this story is true or not but I’ve been up Six Mile Creek right at dark – at the end where the Creek pours in – and I’ve seen movements in the woods that were obviously made be something large and I’ve heard something swimming in the water that made more sound than a fish or anything as large as a beaver could have made. This sound was made by something swimming that had to be as large as a man – or FISHHEAD!

Official geocache code: GCGXP9

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