October Lanier Area Kayak Fishing Report

As fall begins there are a number of tactics working on Lanier! The fishing is good and the kayak is a great way to sneak up on these schooling fish! Mild temperatures and reduced pleasure boat traffic make this one of the best times of the year to kayak fish on Lake Lanier.
altRight now the stripers are starting to school up good but seem to be moving very fast! Downlines, free-lines and top-water are all working right now. The fish will let you know what they want on the particular day! As the weather cools the top-water bite should get better. A large pencil popper will sometimes bring the fish up if you can’t make it to them when they are boiling on top. When you do see surfacing fish, often there are more underneath so watch your downlines carefully!


altThe spoon bite is starting up for the spotted bass. My favorite is the flex-it spoon. Worked over points and humps this lure can fill the yak quickly when the bass are feeding. Use your electronics and work the lure down off the bottom. Heavy bait-casting gear is best for deep jigging spoons. Don’t be surprised to also catch bass, sun-fish and stripers while working your spoons!

altA mega school from last week! They are still out there, just moving around! Good luck on the water!

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