Lake Lanier Rains Bring Drought Relief and National Publicity

Lake Lanier has recevied two deluges in the last week.

Heavy Rains Over North Georgia

First was the rain deluge. The New York Times has produced a graphic (see below) showing how over 10 inches of rain fell on parts of North Georgia between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon.

Locals familiar with the lake often say that two inches of rain can bring the lake up one foot. So its no surprise that so much rain raised Lanier’s water levels between three and four feet.

Heavy National Interest in Georgia

Second was the news deluge. The rains and subsequent floods became the most popular news story in the nation this week. Reporters from all over the U.S. and the world rushed to cover the events. Google News currently shows over 2500 stories on the rains and the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and L.A. Times all give it frontpage publicity today.

Web searchers were frantically looking for information about Lake Lanier and how it has been afffected. Traffic to this site was more than 800% above normal on Monday and rose still further on Tuesday.

On the social networking site Twitter, the topic “ATLfloods”, short for “Atlanta Floods”, became one of the top 10 most popular discussions.

Increased Traffic to This Week

Lake Lanier Water Levels

New York Times Graphic Showing North Georgia Rains

Lake Lanier Water Levels

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