New to the Lake Lanier Islands Resort is the zip line and sky bridge experience provided by Lake Lanier Canopy Tours. Check out their tour offerings below:


This tour consists of 4 zip lines, 1 sky-bridge, and lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. Think you might like zipping atop the tree canopies, but you just aren’t sure? This is the tour for you! It offers just enough height and excitement to give you a taste. This tour has been constructed specifically for the Magical Nights of Lights guests and for the group with a limited amount of time.

  • Magical Nights of Lights: $20 / person (5PM – 10PM Nightly till December 30, 2010)
  • All other hours of operation: $30 / person with a minimum of 12 people
  • Call 678-622-3990 or 770-828-7654 for details about booking the EXPRESS TOUR for your group.


You’ll never forget this canopy experience of 7 zip lines and 2 skybridges all located around Legacy Lodge. The two-hour tour boasts picturesque views and entertaining and informative guides as you zip through the tree canopies! From the time you start the tour, till the time you finish the tour, you will be zipping all around and over Lake Lanier! Only $50 / person


For a limited time only, and for our zip line enthusiasts – Lake Lanier Canopy Tours introduces the Lakeside Tour! The Lakeside Tour consists of 4 sky bridges and 14 zip lines and is a 3-4 hour tour. This tour presents beautiful views of Lake Lanier as it zips you around a cove inlet and over the Lake Lanier cove. The leafless winter months offer the best views of the lake while the remaining months boast great scenes as you zip through the tree canopies and over Lake Lanier at the height of its boating and recreational opportunities. Only $100 / person.


Lake Lanier Canopy Tours is opening its 3rd Canopy Tour! The Sunset Cove Tour will be a 3-4 hour tour, consisting of 10-12 zip lines, with towers and sky-bridges that will bring out the adventure in everyone. This tour promises to boast an eco-adventure experience lasting years into the future. Plus, this tour will feature dual 1,100 foot zip lines with views of Lake Lanier and opportunities to zip alongside your favorite somebody. Only $90 / person.

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