Lake Lanier HuntingHunting is generally very restricted around Lake Lanier because there’s limited public land surrounding the lake and intensive residential development.


Canada goose and teal hunting is allowed on Lake Lanier:

  • The season for Lake Lanier is generally in September.
  • The bag limit is 5 geese per day (10 in possession) and 4 teal per day (8 in possession)
  • Hunting is allowed on the lake except:
    • Within 1000 feet of any dock, house, bridge, road, boat ramp, marina etc.
    • In Bald Ridge Creek, Shoal Creek and any area south of Lake Lanier Islands.

Deer and Feral Hogs

During November and December some hunting of deer and feral hogs is allowed on islands in the lake. For a permit, hunters must submit a signed letter with full name, address, phone and email to the Corps of Engineers. That allows entry into a lottery. 60 permits are awarded by lottery every year.

Hunting Licenses

You need a license to hunt on Lake Lanier.  In order to get a hunting license, you (ages 16 and older) will need to complete a hunting education course.  Residents may sign up for online or classroom courses at or by calling 1-800-366-2661.

Once you have taken the hunter education course, you can get a license one of three ways:

Visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division website for a detailed listing of the various licenses and fees.  You can also contact the DNR Wildlife Resources Division office in Gainesville at (770) 535-5498 or visit their website.

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