Lake Lanier Association Involved with ACF Stakeholders

The Lake Lanier Association is involved with the newly formed Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint  (ACF) stakeholder group, ACF Stakeholders, Inc. which recently  incorporated in the state of Georgia.

The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, an independent federal agency established by Congress to assist parties in resolving environmental, natural resource, and public lands issue, has assisted the group in its formation. Brian Manwaring, Program Manager with the institute, has provided facilitation services to the group over the last year.

Board members of this group include the Lake Lanier Association’s vice president of technology, Wilton Rooks, who is a member of the Executive Committee of the group.   Other board members and members comprise diverse interests and representatives from the entire ACF basin.  The group’s mission is to change the operation and management of the ACF Basin to achieve equitable solutions among stakeholders that balance economic, ecological and social values and to achieve viable solutions which ensure that the entire basin is a sustainable resource for current and future generations.  The organization will be consensus-based.

The group now has a website,, which includes the application for membership, the charter/bylaws, organizational chart and presentation material that explains the purposes and history of the organization. Membership is open to any individual, non-profit, business or governmental agency living within the ACF boundaries. For additional information visit the website or send an email to
Final date for dock permit applications approaching

The Corps sent out a press release yesterday reminding the public that October 13, 2009 is the final date for the remaining dock permit applications.  Details on the process can be read in this release.

Vicki BarnhorstExecutive Director

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