Storage Slip Lengths Sample Storage Prices Gas Available Restaurant Rentals
Aqualand Marina 310 covered wet, 1428 open wet Up to 100 feet 89
Dockside Grill

Houseboat, boat, personal watercraft
Lazy Days at Holiday 61 wet, 570 dry Up to 125 feet $527 per quarter up to $1053 91, Diesel
Bald Ridge Marina 600 wet Up to 85 feet $650 per quarter up to $2030 89, Diesel
Gainesville Marina 625 wet and dry Up to 80 feet $400 per quarter up to $1400 89
Habersham Marina 635 dry Up to 28 feet $1900 per quarter up to $2940 89
Hideaway Bay Marina 470 wet, 200 dry Up to 35 feet $200 per quarter and up 89
Fish Tales Lakeside Grille
Holiday Marina 1300 wet Up to 100 feet $562 per quarter up to $3611 89, 91, Diesel
Twisted Oar

Boat, personal watercraft
Port Royale Marina Over 1000 wet and dry Up to 125 feet $400 per quarter up to $1400 89, 91
Pelican Pete’s Lakeside Grill

Boats, Pontoons, Party Barges, Waverunners,and the Party Yacht
Sunrise Cove Marina 650 wet Up to 70 feet $354 per quarter up to $1387 87

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  1. ATW

    My wife and I are considering moving to the Marietta area. We have a 41′ Egg Harbor convertible boat. We currently boat on the great lakes and are used to hopping on our boat on Friday afternoon and either staying at the Marina (we have two young kids) or going out on the lake and dropping anchor or visiting a guest marina. Any thoughts on which is better – Altoona or Lanier? Input appreciated.

    1. steve

      Lanier is a lot larger so there’s more to explore. Lanier is also much deeper, so keeps its water far more often.

      1. ATW

        Thanks Steve for the input. Do most folks keep their boat in the water all year round or do they dry dock in the winter months?

        1. steve

          Almost everyone takes their boat out of the water, whether they put it in their yard or at a storage facility.

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