Access North Georgia Keeps Borrowing Our Images

I know times are hard in the old media industry. You’ve a few radio stations to run, a travel business and the odd website. 

Still, old media companies should still be able to afford a graphic designer or a photographer.  Access North Georgia is getting into the bad habit of ripping off our images and photos.

Incident 1

July last year, they included a photo from our site on a news article without saying where it came from:

I dropped them a note and one of their lead editors replied promptly, apologised and added a link. You can still see the article live now.

Incident 2

September last year, they included a map from our website without any recognition. I should recognize it – I drew it.

I sent the same editor a nice note but this time no reply. He just switched out the map for a photo.

Incident 3

June this year, the map pops up again on a news article. No link of course:


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