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$500K Prize Luring Wheeler in Forrest Wood Cup

Jacob Wheeler proved once again why it’s called “fishing” — not “catching” — with an impressive win on Day One of the Forrest Wood Cup bass tournament on Lake Lanier … followed by a rather average day … followed by another haul that put him safely in the lead for the $500,000 first prize and the Forrest Wood Cup itself.

Jacob has an almost six-pound lead — not bad for an FLW Tour rookie.

The initial field of 46 professional fishermen has been narrowed to the top ten finalists who will tackle the final day on Lake Lanier for the 2012 “Super Bowl of Fishing.”

Next year, the Forrest Wood Cup moves to Shreveport, Louisiana’s Red River.

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Kudos to those from state, federal and local governmental agencies who turned Laurel Park into one of America’s premier spots for tournaments.

Photo by Robert Sutherland

Forrest Wood Cup — The Super Bowl of Fishing

The Forrest Wood Cup is the “Super Bowl of Fishing.”

Seventy-eight of the greatest professional fishermen are going lunker hunting in Lake Lanier the weekend of August 9th through the 12th, vying for the Forrest Wood cup.

After every bass is caught and weighed, the angler who catches the largest total amount of fish will receive a million dollars.

Yup.  For fishing.  That’s one thousand one-thousand-dollar bills.  Ten thousand one-hundred-dollar bills.  We’d look good in green, wouldn’t we?

(I know.  Why aren’t we professional fisherpeople, right?  How hard can it be?  Unless you hate worms and hooks and actually catching fish.  But for a million dollars, I’d kiss a fish.  Wouldn’t you?)

Meanwhile … back at our story …

The winner also gets the fancy Forrest Wood cup — which is probably a cool thing to put on your shelf, although the million dollars would be even nicer, thank you.

Points are not awarded for how cool you look while catching fish; how many got away; the fish that “almost” took the bait; how many sponsor patches you can fit on your outfit; or how good you look in sunglasses.  Sorry.

Guys, take the little woman out for a fun date!  If you offer her chocolate, candy, coffee or diamonds, she might even join you at 6:30 AM at Laurel Park for the daily “takeoff” ceremonies.  The park is located at 3100 Old Cleveland Highway (Route 129) on the outskirts of Gainesville, GA.  Takeoffs will commence at 7 a.m.

Weigh-ins will be held daily at 5 PM at The Arena at Gwinnett Center (located at 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth, GA).

If your girlfriend/wife/date whups you upside the head when you mention that there will be a weigh-in, try to tell her SHE doesn’t get weighed in public — only the fish.  This might cost you a few more dinners or diamonds.  Sorry.

Registration, the Family Fun Zone and Outdoor Show will be held at Gwinnett Center in Duluth.

The FLW Outdoors Expo includes Ranger boat simulators, angler seminars, the opportunity to interact with professional fisherpeople, activities and giveaways provided by sponsors.

Fans can learn more about the sport of fishing, other outdoor activities and test the latest gear and technology.  Fans can also enjoy interactive games such as rock climbing, an obstacle course, a casting pond and other cool stuff.

In spite of our repeated attempts to confirm the rumors, the “How to Lie About Catching Giant Bass” seminar is not listed in the official schedule of events.  True fisherpeople, however, do not need assistance in this regard.

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